i  have often wondered why we v have attributes which define the very  essence of what  makes us  unique and  authentically  beautiful,as we live everyday there is a greater need to fulfill the mandate given unto us thee almighty to  bestow hope  unto those who have given up or have  tasted the breast of death

often or not we  really reluctant in sharing this powerful energy  within our souls as we are afraid of what  might occur  but the reality is great men and even  women have  lived   beyond  what men can imagine or anticipate ,for there is reason in being  a slave as you learn to appreciate the primary source of your strength and that pushes to a  level of non – conformance as you would understand the  predicaments thereof if you don’t succeed  as success its denoted by what you have  but by the things which you obtained in order that you present yourself worthy

things that  come to mind include reputation ,dignity,humility,selflessness which for me are  ke figures when  dealing  with purpose,obviously you cannot attain  everything at once but once you  start believing in each and every  path or destination you wanna partake ,be mindful of the risks involved

the  word  purpose its  similar to legacy  in a sense that  once you have attained the dream,vision of your own life ,then you need to think of how you need to sustain the  same  dream in ensuring that your future generations  understand thereof and can produce various ways of achieving that which they want to  have

A negative mind always fights the  same battle  with same strategy but a positive mind always  relishes the opportunity of showcasing the beauty of its creative self

live a life that is  posing a threat  to your future generations and they will refer to your manual  of life which you have created for them



it’s within my own mind that i should explore this topic  which for me it’s quite daunting as i find it very easy to deal with but very difficult to unpack , most notably it triggers a certain feeling of an unpasteurized journey one which requires one to think deeply and thoughtfully  process the whole concept or idea thereof

a very  good friend asked a very delicate question which  i believe needed a clearer view of what  he meant ,based on that i discovered  that God as men has given us the  ability to love our  dear women  but he has not  given us the education thereof  hence we as men are logically wired  to process information  and discover the essence  of what defines us as men ,the reality its we need to apply  the principles of being educated in how to love our fellow  females  compatriots

the question which he asked its that if a woman  has a certain title u her sleeve that is being  a doctor or  a well rounded package  in this  this would be a well paying  job and independent life ,would you be threatened by her achievements

personally that’s a definite no based on the fact  that women are emotinal beings who  thrive on ascertaining their emotion as  a navigator of any relationship they maybe in, least be said  i  urge all my fellow beautiful souls to teach us the routines  of making you feel  appreciated and honored


sometimes we often ignore the signs of our lives through a series of ideas  and when we fail ,we get perplexed on  what led to that but it is the little things that deter  us from finding the  worth of our  existence

truth be told it is not easy  living a state of wealth  just to concentrate on  finding your  worth again ,sometimes you feel as if life its spinning towards you  but unfortunately its  actually  vice – versa  but be rest assured that every  seed stems itself with a bit  of water ,light and  perseverance

eventually we all have to crawl at  some  point ,it may  not feel like it but  you have to start somewhere  in life


there is something  beautiful about  identity  which aligns your worth and purpose  in life,as you may see in everything we are doing ,we seek to find that which really aligns our worth , time ,energy  and thought in seeking the best thereof


there is something extraordinary about this term , it really outlines the  cognitive sense of how  ones identity reshape the existence of his kingdom or dominance

we can clever or better yet  smart  but  until, we apply the rules of our ability  in defining the  senses of our worth , we always be out of tune with our  own self


this is a story which sometimes  shocks  me att some point as i look back in my life ,as they would say  reliving the moment,one story  which come s to mind its when you have  been so much to offer to the world and you seem afraid to d o so due to ignorance or worse  fear which for me personally  fear releases the substance of identity  within  a particular soul but the problem its  the timing thereof

i am reminded of a story in the bible which speaks about kingship ,a certain man called David  was supposedly the youngest in his family  and  by far the less experienced when it comes to life and trials  but what takes the  crown out of all of this iits that he understands the kingship  within him and never  felt like a  minor servant or worthless  person

cause this is a rendition of how sometimes we neglect the  royal crown  within our souls and  go as far as wanting people to crown us with their  own  crowns forgetting that when  God created  a man he crowned him with his own glory and that for me  says it al

but here is the beauty y of it all ,a man called Jonathan  approaches after he fought  the philistines and won  the war and not the fight but here come s the catch  the same  man who is bound to be king sees a king  in a shepherd clothing and asks the servant to give him his clothes  in exchange for his

one may think okay  ,we talking a prince  in the making of a king  giving  his inheritance to a man who is not within the  distance of that but really you should see God really finds the  uncalled to be called

FIND your own kingship


it is very rare  to celebrate a man whilst he is still in his prime years , in this  case this would be a  man who is not yet married  and  still finding his niche in achieving  his dream  and being that  which defines  his craft

  • i want to  take this moment and celebrate this friend  of  mine who has been  nothing  short of  a brother ,cousin and spiritual mentor  in my life ,some would think i am crazy  in this regard  as the gentleman it’s not  even  25 years old but what  defines him its spiritual  acumen which for me its  quite fearless

he has faced  so many   challenges  at  some point  losing a mother figure ,personally i would for me  that would be the end of me literally  but he has soldiered on and has been an inspiration to not only me but  also an array of young people  who look up to him as a youth pastor, in simple terms  this would be a father figure within the spaces you are in  and  that for me humbles  me

funny enough i have known him as  a dancer and quite a humble person who loves the lord with  all he has  but what touches my  core about  him he is  such an intellect and  easy chilled mode  kinda like guy

for sometimes we wait for people to die in order that we should  celebrate their worth  in our lives 

i want to say  thank you pastor tshepang jan manyaka for being  a true and  spirit filled friend , i celebrate you today